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Stacey Rourke

Veiled 3 - Signed Paperback of Vendetta

Veiled 3 - Signed Paperback of Vendetta

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Splashed across every media outlet are claims I’m a violent murderer. A menace to society that must be stopped at all cost.

I… would love to see them try.

An enemy of the Nosferatu hides in plain sight. His lone goal– to watch the world burn. As the newly appointed vampire queen, I’m done allowing my people to suffer for his twisted agenda.

Dorian Gray thinks he knows pain.
He believes he owns the market on public manipulation.
He hunkers under the belief that his power and status make him untouchable.
I can’t wait to prove him wrong.

A darkness has rooted itself in me, one older than the first vampiric bloodline. An unimaginable strength courses through my veins, and I will use it to make Dorian bow before me. They call me the Dragon Queen, and I own the title. Because I, alone, know that the malevolent essence within me is one no man could ever tame.
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