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Stacey Rourke

TS901 Chronicles 3 - Evolution E-book

TS901 Chronicles 3 - Evolution E-book

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The gang is together again … or so they thought.

Fighting to recover Thia’s memories as the leader, friend, and lover she once was proves more challenging than Gigi and the team expected. Even so, with the experiments on their kind seemingly halted, the Maly brethren finally has a chance to rebuild the community they once held dear. No longer do they have to hide or live off scraps. The new future they helped to shape is within grasp, one that brings them back to the basics of being.

Before they can claim that bright tomorrow, an ominous warning comes from Mama Baker. A reoccurring vision is haunting her, one of Alexandria and Zero … and the world engulfed in flames.

Pulled by an unknown force to be part of the darkness rising, Thia fights to be free of the strangers holding her and return “home” to The Hill.

Will the Maly team’s chance at a perfect future end at the hand of the champion they once rallied behind?

Find out in this epic conclusion to The TS901 CHRONICLES.
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